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Martin Ochieng
Martin Ochieng

“Since starting my career as a physiotherapist, I have developed an interest in the biomechanics, injury mechanism and treatment of the human body to decrease pain, disability and optimization of function. I believe in holistic treatment, hands-on therapy and exercise prescription to return patients to normal or near-normal daily activities.

In my seven years of practicing, I have gained experience in the evaluation and management of the spine with certification on manual therapy concepts in spine management, vertebrae manipulation of the spine and movement rehabilitation and optimization.”

Martin is a registered physiotherapist and a certified orthopaedic manual therapist.

Rose Gichia
Rose Gichia

“When I taped the broken leg of a young chick at my mother’s farm at 10-years old, I had not realized that it would lead to a career focused on the wellness of the human body and a passion for alleviating pain and discomfort to improve my patient’s quality of life.

In my five years’ experience as a physiotherapist, I have gained expertise in manual therapy, physical exercises and patient education to treat different conditions caused by musculoskeletal dysfunctions and neurological complications.”

Rose is a registered physiotherapist, wellness advocate, certified in dry needling for myofascial release and a certified fascial therapist.