Pain and discomfort impact the joy and fullness of your life

Injuries can affect your mobility and overall comfort, making daily tasks difficult and simple movement daunting. We are dedicated to delivering treatment that reintroduces freedom of movement, promotes peaceful rest and improves your overall quality of life.


We tailor our treatment methods to you

We take our time to understand our patients and their injuries. We apply treatment methods that are best-suited to the lifestyle, environment and circumstances of the individual. The treatment being woven into your routine improves treatment outcomes.


We walk with you the whole way

Beyond treatment, we believe in supporting your recovery by giving you the tools and information required to return to a full life. Our holistic approach to recovery incorporates equipment and products sourced from leading global brands with proven treatment outcomes.



"I valued every word of hope the physiotherapist gave me, he was professional, clear, friendly and empathetic. I think empathy is what I valued most. Encouragement and hope given can make therapy a positive experience."

Ruth Jahonga

"I had my first physiotherapy sessions done at a top private hospital and it’s nothing compared to what you guys offer. Excellent work."

Reuben Mukunga

"The warm reception was top notch and the most mind-blowing thing was the cleanliness . Martin my physiotherapist was very professional and gently attended to my needs. I am glad and delighted that I recovered.
Physical Therapy Services is always home to me."

Joan Muthoni

"Martin and his team have worked with dedication to strengthen my hand through a number of therapy sessions and exercises. My hand has greatly improved which I attribute to the help I have received from Physical Therapy Services."

Edward Waiyaki

"Excellent service and with modern technology, very professional physiotherapist. Loved the flexible working schedules."

Kemboi Wednester

Who we are

We are renowned for our personalised care that allows us to treat the most complex of cases. Our physiotherapists give each client individual attention, as compared to the major hospitals that have a very high patient volume.

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